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Trying to get through the year, Louis Tomlinson takes a small turn when the new hipster kid from a reform school texts him by mistake.

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Friday, December 3rd, 2012 (2:21pm)
You still up for after school today, Hazza? :)

Halsmere Road
6:30 sharp.x

Are you sure you want to study at your house?

Positive. ;) x


“Hi!” A brunette woman answered my knock on the door, stunning me with her beautiful blue eyes.  Smiling with warmth, the woman looked to be no older than in her mid-thirties; with hardly any wrinkles except for her smile lines. A look of realization crossed her face, and she invited me in with a hand gesture. I followed, “Oh, come in!”

I walked into the house, taking in my surroundings as the beautiful woman closed the door behind her.

How do I explain my point of view here?

Tomlinson is a worldwide name. We’ve stamped our name on construction industries, kitchen appliances, furniture, and real estate. So, when I say that we’re a well off family, I actually mean that we’re butt-fuck rich.

Although, we are very wealthy, as a family we’ve never had much chemistry. A Tomlinson will dress beautifully, but will have no character. Their houses are well-furnished, but have no warmth to them.

Clearly, Harry’s house is different.

Portraying their little to no wealth, this two-story home featured a small walk in area. A bookshelf with framed pictures to fill the spaces was against the right wall, while on your right a little couch and the staircase leading to the bedrooms were stationed.

And for some reason that could baffle my family members, I liked this home far better than I will ever like my house.

“I don’t think I’ve introduced myself!” The bright, beautiful woman spoke up as I shrugged off my jacket and placed it on the coat rack, “I’m Anne, Harry’s mum.” Oh, that explains a lot. Nodding with a smile, I held out my hand for her to shake.


“Louis, I know,” She winked, grabbing my hand and pulling me in for a short hug. Laughing, we pulled away from the hug, “Harry wouldn’t shut up about you. He’s in the shower right now. You can head up there if you’d like to.”

Coughing awkwardly, I declined the offer. As much as I would like to see Harry walk into his room in only a towel, I don’t think it would help much with this situation.

“Don’t worry, I completely understand,” Anne smirked, “Come with me, than.”

I followed her throughout her home until we found ourselves in a small, yet tasteful kitchen. A wave of aromas hit me with food on the stove and a tray of cookies that were fresh out of the oven. She took a seat at the isle that was placed in the middle of the kitchen, and I followed, doing the same. Grabbing a cookie off of the tray that was in front of us, she offered me one. Smiling, I accepted the cookie and started to nibble on it. She smiled happily and grabbed a cookie of her own.

“Harry literally wouldn’t shut up about some kid named Lou for months, and every time I tried to question him on it, he would stop talking.” She said, giggling lightly while working on her cookie, “I swear, I was about to start a private investigation if he didn’t start talking soon. I don’t think he mentioned just how attractive you were, though.” She smiled with a wink, laughing.

“I can see where he gets his cheekiness from,” I exclaimed, laughing with her.

“Hey, I don’t look old enough to be that little devil’s mum, right?” She asked, popping another small piece of cookie into her mouth, “Because I don’t feel it. Last week, I walked into his room and he had a sock around his-”

“Mum!” A figure popped out of nowhere, placing a hand around Anne’s mouth as she laughed harshly. With a grunt of disapproval, Harry grabbed my hand and bounded out of the kitchen, bringing me up the stairs to a room that I could only assume to be Harry’s bedroom.

When we entered the room, I found myself to be right. Harry’s walls were lined with vinyl records and guitars – two giant British and American flags were found hanging across another wall. Clothes scattered across a chair that sat in the corner of his room, and books stacked in piles on the floor with a laptop on his made bed, his room was nothing short of what a usual teenage boy’s room was.

Harry let go of my hand and sat on the bed when I noticed his attire. He was clad in a Pink Floyd t-shirt that rode up just enough to see the small patch of skin around his waist, and a pair of dark sweatpants that hung low on his beautifully defined hips. His curls were still damp from the recent shower with a few, small droplets of water still falling from the tips of each curl.

Let’s just say, this is the sexiest and most vulnerable I’ve ever seen him.

“Are you going to stand there and gape or are we actually going to start going over the work load, Tomlinson?” He asked with a raised brow, smirk apparent on his face.

Damn life-ruiner.

Nodding, I walked over to his bed and set my backpack upon it, sitting myself beside him.

For the rest of the evening, I went over the curriculum and passed him all of my notes on Hamlet and Othello while he tried to pull moves on me.

“And I guess that’s it for the books that we had to study,” I said with a smile, closing my notebook.

“Are you sure that there’s nothing else for us to go over right now?” Harry asked, his hand drawing light circles on my thigh. Swallowing down the lump that seemed to form in my throat, I nodded as Harry pressed into my personal space a tad more and I could feel his breath tickling my ear, “There’s definitely nothing else we can study?”

My stomach curled into a tight ball and I could feel his hand moving closer to my inner thigh. My heart was jerking inside of my chest as I held back the moan that was threatening to escape my lips. Fucking hell, I hate this boy. Trying to keep my dignity intact, I turned to face him after mustering up as much courage as I possibly could.

Wrong move, Tomlinson.

I felt my breath stutter in my chest as our eyes locked, faces unbearably close. The usually bright green eyes were the darkest shade I’ve ever seen them to be, and my skin prickled under Harry’s hot gaze. Another shot of arousal curled in my stomach as I realized what he was doing.

Harry was giving me the bedroom eyes.

I fought down a painful moan as a throb was shot in my skin-tight jeans, shifting my attention to my obvious hard on. The hand drawing circled on my inner thigh suddenly pressed a little harder, almost gripping my inner thigh.

No, Louis! We’re supposed to be studyi-

All thoughts were lost when the hand that was supposed to be gripping a pencil and working on an English essay was actually found to be working on my lower regions, palming through my pants. A loud moan escaped my lips and Harry took the opportunity to climb on top of me, attaching his hot, needy lips to my neck. Harry’s body sealed my own, forcing my legs apart with my knee. My head was spinning, and there was a book digging into my back but oh god, I couldn’t care less. Strong hands were tracing the sides of my body finally settling on my ass as I wrapped my arms around his neck, throwing my head back in pleasure. Setting himself in between my legs, he grinded into me and I wrapped my legs tightly around Harry’s waist.

Louis,” A moan of my name escaped his lips, and the softness of the tone made me even more eager. I whimpered, pressing my lips against his collarbone, biting down a little harder than expected, “Fuck, I want you so bad.”

That seemed to snap me out of my hormone-addled craze. Grasping onto what little sense I had left, I let out a groan that sounded like the word, “No.” When he didn’t hear me, I shook my head and cleared my throat, speaking another, “No.”

This time, he heard me.

Stopping, he removed his body from mine and I scurried to gather my things, light headed. I bounded from the room to the door and climbed down the stairs, cursing myself for choosing to wear converse today. My mind was a mess and my wild attire from the (dare I say) grinding just added to the previous statement. I hopped down to tie both of my shoes and grabbed my jacket to see Harry at the door, ready to open it for me.

This definitely got me to soften a little.

I nodded and stepped out onto the front porch as Harry followed.

Looking just as cocky as he usually does, Harry smirked and placed his hands on both of my hips, chest inches away from my own. Even if the only touch was that on my hips, my entire body was tingling somewhere between fear and excitement. Swallowing, I looked up to Harry and suddenly, his eyes filled my entire line of vision. My heart pounded when I came to realization that I don’t know what I was doing, or if I even wanted this, but I know that I didn’t want it to stop. There was barely a whisper of space between our lips when I fluttered my eyes shut. I could feel his lips brush against mine when he stopped. I felt him smile beneath my lips and I shuddered again.

“You’re not the only one who can tease,” The words whispered against my lips, peppermint and cigarettes filling my sense of smell. And as quickly as it was brought upon, the heat of his body was gone and I was left outside of his house – heart pounding against my rib-cage  I opened my eyes to see a smirking Harry, turning to walk back inside of his house, “See you tomorrow in class, babe.”

The door closed behind him and I was left with a throbbing erection to work off and a fuzzy brain.

“I live off of the thrill of a challenge.”

A challenge is what he wants, and a challenge is what he’s going to get.


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